• Brand design

    Grafix5 can aid you in creating and building a brand identity you can be proud of; by providing you with a professional, clean yet unique design so you stand out from the crowd.

  • Print design

    Printed designs enable clients to leave a longstanding image of their brand that one can retain, so choose Grafix5 to ensure that your legacy lives on through uniquely compelling designs.

  • Digital design

    As our world becomes more and more digitalised; your online presence is vital for consumerism and growth, so why not ensure you present the best version of yourself and business on the world wide web. Aesthetically pleasing designs ensure that you move with the times and will be remembered in doing so.

  • Wedding stationery

    On one of the most magical and happiest days of a person’s life, attention to detail is key to creating and cherishing beautiful memories. Grafix5 is dedicated to providing unique designs that can accompany any theme or interest. Fill your special day with magic down to the last detail; Grafix5 designs are set to impress.


    Grafix5 is a Loughborough based graphic design company, set up in 2012, dedicated to fulfilling clients' visions with a high standard of precision and care. I'm committed to providing excellent service and final products that both the client and I can be proud to showcase.